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In an ever evolving marketplace, the ability to stay ahead of the competition is key to business survival.
We understand that business resource can sometimes be limited and there is increasing demand to deliver bigger and better projects to your clients.
We can provide creative and inspirational directions, as well as business insights that enable companies to define future trends you can rely on, ensuring your competitive edge.
We work with product managers, designers, marketers and strategy leaders  at companies who want to keep their finger on the pulse of what their consumers want, as they endeavor to make fully informed planning decisions.  

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Our Services

  1. Trends Forecasting
  2. Brand Direction
  3. Retail Analysis
  4. Creative Workshops


What people are saying about us
"Fantastically creative and a real pleasure to work with. Always looked forward to your presentations because they were engaging and insightful. Definitely hope to work with you on some creative projects in the future. Would recommend you to any potential clients."
Louisa Hart, Creative Trends Manager, LF Beauty
"Miri is one of the most talented individuals I had the pleasure to work with when I headed up the Seven Scent business. Her creativity, combined with her in depth experience in fragrance and marketing has been instrumental in driving the Seven Scent business forward.

She has established the Trends Report within our business which has been a game changer in how we interacted with existing and future clients. She has ensured these reports had a clear USP which had made it easy for the sales team to open doors.

She has a very commercial head which is an asset to any business and for Seven Scent, she kickstarted category and portfolio reviews which aided in rationalisation as well as new business. Our clients absolutely appreciated her value and was always requested to be part of any important project.

There are many great things I can say about Miri, to summarise it all, she is a very driven, talented and smart individual who will strive to be successful in any business endeavour she takes on! I recommend her without any reservation."

Awie Newell, Business Unit Director- Global, PZ Cussons Beauty LLP
"Whether it was NPD, fragrance evolution planning for core products or unlocking future trends through forecasting, Miri was always able to articulate her expert knowledge in a way that was digestible for those with limited fragrance knowledge. Miri was our secret weapon for a major brand relaunch attending multiple customer meetings that resulted in high engagement and significant distribution gains. Even better, Miri is always such a pleasure to work with - creative whilst commercially astute and always committed to creating the best outcome for any project."
Belinda Groves, Head of Brands Beauty & Personal Care at PZ Cussons Beauty